Here it comes, I’m afraid that harp playing involves a whole bunch of techniques, vibrato, draw bending, blow bending, overblowing, overdrawing and more! All this is going to take time to develop so have patience ‘cos it probably won’t be easy. I’ve suggested an order to learn these techniques but also don’t be afraid to dip in wherever you like, just work with it and if one thing isn’t coming then move on to something else and hopefully it’ll all come together in the end. Hey, you might even find it easy, so read on…


3 Responses to Techniques

  1. Steve Brooks says:

    Can you tell me what make harp you are playing here and is it altered in any way?

  2. harpblue says:

    Hi Steve,

    I mainly use Hohner Special 20’s but have played all types of harps over the years. I’ve found that most of the Hohners are pretty good to play right out of the box. The only thing I might adjust is the reed clearances for overblows, all the other techniques you should be able to do without adjustment.
    When I get a chance I’ll add a section on harp adjustment!


  3. Paul says:

    Hi Will,
    Thanks for the harmonica lessons. I found your website while looking through youtube on Overblow and Overdraw. I personally think that it is the techniques and experience rather than the make or model of the harmonica. I have tinker around with read adjustments and tuning and would love to find out how you do yours. Please do post a video on how you determine how much to adjust the reed clearances.


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