Skype Harmonica Lessons

Harmonica Lessons by Skype or Google

If you want personalised tuition or feel you’re stuck and can’t make progress then booking private harmonica lessons maybe for you. Both Skype and Google offer free voice and video calls over the internet, this is a great way for me to teach you one to one, where ever in the world you are! I’ll be able to look in detail at your strengths and weaknesses and try to point you in the right direction.

If you’re interested then just email me and I’ll make arrangements with you.



2 Responses to Skype Harmonica Lessons

  1. Iain says:

    Hi Will,

    Your the man !! love your lessons. deffinatly helped me

    I have been playing harmonica for 3 months now, and loving it, and so far doing fairly well.
    I bumped into your site while I was crusiing the online lessons, and I have a few questions i was hopeing you could answer for me .

    I can jam not to badly, but I find it hard to actually “learn a song” reading the tabs, and physically playing my brain is just mush. I also find I am a bugger for always reverting back to the same old blues lyic when im jamming, not always, I guess when I get alittle lost, and ive got like a $20 harp that goes hard, but some holes don’t give the tone I am after, if it my harp or me? and are slightly more expensive harps worth investing in?

    Thanks once again !! and I am hopeing to hear back from you.

    Cheers from iain in Australia

    • harpblue says:

      Hi Iain, If you’re playing the blues then I wouldn’t worry too much about tab, it’s an improvised type of music anyway so you’d do better to play by ear, listen to great players like Little Walter, try to copy licks then try to make up your own!
      Regarding choice of harp, I’d invest in a good harp, try a well known brand like Hohner or Lee Oskar.
      Cheers, Will.

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