My Harp Solos 1

Harp Solos

Are something you’ll be doing pretty soon if you’re playing the blues, the blues is very much an improvised music (& so is jazz) so it’s all about learning the building blocks then making your own vision.
Here are some clips of harp solos I’ve done on various albums over the years.
If you’d like me to tab any of them out or explain how to play them, then let me know!

Walkin’ Round

Chicago blues style, in the key of G using a C-harp in second position.

Buy Full Track (MP3): £0.89

Trouble at my Door

Slow 12-bar blues in the key of C, using an F-harp in second position.

Buy Full Track (MP3): £0.89

Wanna Groove

Groovy blues harp solo in A using a D-harp in second position.

Buy Full Track (MP3): £0.89

Thrill is Gone

Classic blues in the key of B minor using an A-harp in 3rd Position.

Buy Full Track (MP3): £0.89


2 Responses to My Harp Solos 1

  1. edwin manasseh says:

    to play blues still very difficult for me especially in blues harp bends and overblow.. how to position the tongue and mouth te get the blues sound. if you can show me in picture of the mouth and tongue, I think more helpful.
    Anyway thanks for the lessons, I try to follow it.

    • harpblue says:

      Hi Edwin, you’re not alone, many people find it hard to master the bending technique! I’m afraid there is no easy way, something you just have to keep trying until you discover how it is done. I also don’t think that pictures would help very much since it’s not just the positioning it’s also about how you draw in the flow of air, plus everybodys mouth is different! I would say that it’s more of a feeling than anything else.
      Just keep at it and good luck 🙂 Will.

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