How To Bend

Learning to Bend

Note bending is probably the first biggest challenge for the beginner, it may come quite quickly or may take ages to develop. Because you can’t really see what’s going on, it is difficult to explain and each person will have to come to his/her own realisation of how to do it. In fact because everyone’s mouth is a bit different I doubt if there’s truly any fixed way of explaining the technique. It’s just something you’ll have to mess around with because it’s not something your mouth is used to doing at the moment. When you stumble upon a bend you probably won’t be able to recall what it is you did to get it, but keep on with it because the more you stumble upon a bend, the more you’ll remember what it is you did, and pretty soon you’ll be able to do it on demand!

It’s also worth noting that bends will feel different on different notes and different on different key harps (same hole). So if you’ve got a few harps try bending on all of them.


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